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Here at J & M Hideaway Farm we strive to serve God, encourage strong family ties, and maintain a farm that supports this lifestyle. After 8 years of big city living during college, my husband and I were ready to move to the country. With a baby on the way, we were searching for a place where we could raise our future children the old-fashioned way. We promptly moved back to our home town and settled on a piece of land that was where my Daddy grew up. As the kids came along, we started collecting animals. We began with my childhood horse, and then we added various poultry, pet goats, of course more horses as the kids grew. However, it wasn’t until 2006 that our small hobby farm took a turn to the goats.

In 2006, my son received a Nubian goat from a dear friend. It wasn’t long before we were hooked and soon our daughter wanted her own goat. We expanded our herd with intentions of raising some kids to sell and providing milk for our family. Then we suffered a severe setback when 5 members of our small herd were killed in a dog attack. This was a very hard experience for our young children, but they immediately began working to rebuild our herd. Within a couple weeks, we replaced the lost does with four kids and added a guard donkey to our herd. Over the years we have built the herd to follow our children’s interest. The kids have become involved with 4-H, started a dairy goat club, and began showing their goats. We homeschool our children, and this allows us the flexibility to work the farm as a family. The children and I do most of the daily farm work. The kids are involved in all aspects of herd care. They help with the twice daily milking, decision-making, and health care. My husband is a general contractor and sewing manufacturer. His job allows us to enjoy this busy but rewarding lifestyle.

As our herd has grown, we have sought to improve our genetics with quality bucks. We now maintain a herd of around 40 goats. Since we have obviously surpassed the hobby farm size, we began looking at the future of our herd. As a family, we have decided to open a farmstead creamery to serve our local area with wholesome, locally produced cheese. At this point, we are in the process of building the creamery. We also look forward to adding ADGA performance program participation to our farm in the near future.

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September 6, 2013


J&M Farm officially launches new website to support its business and education initiatives ...

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September 19, 2013


J&M Farm participated in the Rowan County Agricultural fair, with numerous entries in the dairy goat category ....

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Herd Info

“Our herd consists quality single breed Nubian does and sires that are primarily homegrown rather than bought. Our focus is on raising our goats in a natural and sustainable manner.”

For Sale

“We list all active farm, creamery, and goat inventory for sale within. We are also taking reservations for 2014 kids as we finalize our breeding plans. ”


“We had so much fun and the children worked very hard. As a result, we started a Dairy Goat 4-H club in January of 2013. This year we have had 9 children participate in our club. ”